Web Forms & Surveys

The purpose of this page is to provide clients an idea of some Forms and Surveys costing if they would like to use any on their website.

Use Your Own:

To reduce your costs, you may have an external supplier you use to make and manage your forms and surveys.  Some of these providers may supply you with some coding that can be added to a custom page on your website.  Some require you to click on a link on your website which in turn redirects you to the form or survey site to fill in.  Booking Systems are a good example in this area, when you can have coding used within a site on your website, or it can also redirect you off the website and to the company who manage your bookings.

Cost and Solutions:

Note: If you are using custom forms and surveys on an existing website at the moment, please let me know prior to quoting on replacing and building a new site for you so that the form or survey can be reviewed and price agreed prior to me managing your website.

The typical cost of JPN IT Solutions building, supporting and maintaining forms are as follows:

Zero Cost – £0 – Contact Forms are often £0 and are included with the build up of the website.

One Off – £30 – License – Most forms and surveys come with a one off £30 fee.  This allows the use of a license for software that I use to create the form or survey.  This license remains with JPN IT Solutions Ltd.  On top of this are the following costs.

Option 1 – £20 – Build Up of the Form or Survey, which allows it to be sent to your own personal email address.

Option 2 – £60 – Form or Survey Submissions to an email account created by me, which normally includes your Domain Name, for the duration of the Form or Survey.  The Form or Survey is then sent (Forwarded) to any number of people.  The email created can also be accessed by you or members of your team on line and via a web interface, so that you can view all Forms sent to this account.  This aids with Spam and Junk mail being sent to your personal email address.  If using this option, should you not receive the Form via the Forwarded address, you may consider checking the central email account created by me and via the web interface, to see if it was submitted and received.

Option 3 – £80 –  Form or Survey Submissions + Spread Sheet.  This option includes the £60 option (Option 2 – Forwarding and a separate temporary email account) and also a  token amount for me to collect all of the data for you and present it to you in a spread sheet format upon request.  Please note that although this work should be carried out promptly, as with all web work and updates, I work on a 10 working day lead time.

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To see examples of forms and survey available please go to my forms and survey website here