JPN IT Solutions House Calls and Business Tarif Prices

The following information is to be used as a guide only & prices are subject to change without notice.  The costs were last reviewed on January 2017.

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House Calls & Costs

House visits are normally charged at £30 for the first hour and then £20 for each hour thereafter.

Where possible, fixed quotes are provided.

For house visits, to reduce costs, JPN IT Solution may discuss with you, the removal of the hardware, to allow any fixes to be carried out over a period of a short time, to help reduce costs as there are a number of tasks carried out where a technician is sitting and waiting for something to happen. Removing the kit from the environment allows JPN IT Solutions to carry out other jobs while this scenario takes place, thus keeping costs low.

For house visits, JPN IT Solutions work on a no fix, no fee where possible, which therefore allows the client to search else where for a solution, should JPN IT Solutions not be able to provide one. Please call to discuss this option and your problem.

Business Calls & Costs

For Companies and Organisations, Business costs are £50 per hour or £400 per day. Depending on location, a minimum charge of £200 is normally applied, which depending on location, covers JPN IT Solutions travel costs up to a 40 mile radius away from Rochester. Please call to discuss location and services prior to calculating your possible costs


This page and information should be used as a guide and may be subject to change without notice. For further information, please contact JPN IT Solutions Ltd on 07855 142323.